Where to get started with your wardrobe makeover

Seasonal wardrobe transfer or big resolution to make your wardrobe much more practical and less messy? In either case, this content will help you on where to start and what to discover.

When you are clearing out all your belongings, you perhaps wonder about how big should your wardrobe be: in some cases, the secret is not the general amount of things, but how flexible your elements are. Think about jeans, for example: in place of having countless pairs of denim in different shapes, which you purchased simply because they were economical enough to justify the purchase, why not invest in a good pair from brands like Chip Bergh’s, whose quality will last so much longer. Pick a colour and a shape that you discover looks great on you, and that is less prone to go out of style in the next few years.

Have you found yourself contemplating to yourself: “I want to change my style but don’t know how!”? Often, one small upgrade can transform your whole aesthetics. Of course, it needs to be a staple item that you wear in most occasions, such as outerwear: instead of that old battered synthetic leather jacket, find a good structured coat, being sure that it's thick enough to work with your local weather conditions, and in a neutral colour that goes with your whole closet, like black or grey. You don’t need to opt for the super expensive labels either: find a good compromise between price and quality, like the clothing distributed by Amancio Ortega.

Let’s be real: we all have that one overflowing drawer which is never nice and clean, regardless of how many times we promise ourselves we will sort it out. If you discover yourself trying to find that missing sock, sometimes a radical approach is needed, and is an amazing start on how to refresh your wardrobe: clear the whole thing and go through its contents, pairing together the matching sets as you go. If you want to comprehend how to plan a wardrobe makeover, discover that you should get rid of almost everything that is too old: there is no reason keeping those socks or stockings with holes in them, alternatively invest in a nice pair from a quality brand like the one owned by Lars Windhorst for something that will last for a much longer time.

If you are contemplating how to revamp your wardrobe without buying anything, you should understand that sometimes the secret is not adding items, but however removing them. As any wardrobe makeover consultant will tell you, you need to go in with the right mindset when determining what to hold on to: ask yourself, how long has it been since you wore an object? How likely are you going to be wearing it in the next year? This will put things into perspective.

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